Friday, January 1, 2010

My First Blog - How it all starts for me

             So, this is me entering into the blogging world! 

             Initially, when i started to think of a New Year Resolution, i came up with well.. let's try and keep a personal diary. Some one said It's a good practice, deja vu, blah blah blah... Then my mind started drifting towards a Digital Personal diary. That way, all my content will be secure.. 

             Being an open-source enthusiast, i searched through sourceforge and launchpad sites hunting for a digital diary software. The response was not satisfactory. Of course, i could have used any text editor, word processor, or just about any software that can store text. Then, it struck my mind!

             I can Blog. I had been in a long dilemma whether to blog or not. Because i found no impulse to jump into the blogging world, i deferred the decision. 

             This "web2.0 - The Social web" concept has brought in bitter experiences with myself rejecting invitations to join some social networking site almost everyday. A friend pushed me into Orkut during the end of schooling. Year and a half later i volunteered into facebook, and few others(forgot the name) mostly trying to spend my Idle time exploring things. I always tried to limit the personal information i display to others because i assumed 'hacking' is inevitable.

             This inert feeling about web2.0 prevented me from making a decision on blogging. But then, blogging seemed a little different from the web2.0's chaotic world. I subscribed to blogs from my college senior, then his friends, some developers. It seemed like blogging is a better way of writing reviews, expressing thoughts, making tutorials.. 

              Atlast, this decision to start blogging came as an impulse just because today is a New Year's day.. Thanks for taking time to read through my experiences. Just hoping to blog on a more useful post next time... Oh yes, pls comment....

Happy New Year!!!


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