Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 1 of Django

        This day, my opinion about creating websites changed forever. Thanks to Django. I started experimenting with a quick tutorial( of a Poll application using Django. The MVC(Model-View-Controller) concept was new to me. This reminds me of the MFC(Microsoft Foundation Class) Document/View Architecture that I learnt in my VP(Visual Programming) Lab.
        I'm determined to push my learning further than just the tutorial by writing my own Django application in the near future.
        At the end of the day, with satisfaction of learning something useful, I retire to bed thinking of my First Django project.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The OS chooses the Person

      So, today i made a brief talk on the topic "Free & Open Source Software" during the Communication Lab hour in my class. Following is a gentle recap into my past and how i entered this open source world.
      Like everyone of my age, my computing experience started with Windows 98. When I used MS Word for the first time, I was surprised it caught the spelling errors and also suggested the correct spellings. Wow, Computers have started to become intelligent.
      I felt myself in alien land when I first controlled my Windows XP desktop. Little did I know it would became the most popular pirated Operating System. A few of years passed by..
      I was already in college. Vista was released and soon almost all my friends had a Vista CD. I didn't show any interest in using it because I felt guilty. My cousin asked me,"Do you use Fedora at college?". "What is Fedora?", I asked. After that productive conversation, i was determined to try it out. But all i could find were three cds Ubuntu8.10,Kubuntu8.10,Edubuntu8.10.
      Initially when I stepped into the Ubuntu's GNOME desktop, right-clicked the mouse, WHAT? No 'Refresh' option? I was disappointed. But now i can laugh, or even criticize Windows for that 'Refresh' syndrome it inflicted on me(and many like me). Ever since i borrowed those Ubuntu CDs from my friend, I'm learning something new everyday, and it has transformed my thinking about an OS.
      Using a Linux Operating System has enabled me to advocate against piracy. I transformed a lot. I mean, Ubuntu transformed me. In my view, where there is proprietary software, there will always be piracy.
      Why did I give such a meaningless title!? That's one of my bad habits to use dialogues from books(In this case, Harry Potter),Movies..

Friday, January 1, 2010

My First Blog - How it all starts for me

             So, this is me entering into the blogging world! 

             Initially, when i started to think of a New Year Resolution, i came up with well.. let's try and keep a personal diary. Some one said It's a good practice, deja vu, blah blah blah... Then my mind started drifting towards a Digital Personal diary. That way, all my content will be secure.. 

             Being an open-source enthusiast, i searched through sourceforge and launchpad sites hunting for a digital diary software. The response was not satisfactory. Of course, i could have used any text editor, word processor, or just about any software that can store text. Then, it struck my mind!

             I can Blog. I had been in a long dilemma whether to blog or not. Because i found no impulse to jump into the blogging world, i deferred the decision. 

             This "web2.0 - The Social web" concept has brought in bitter experiences with myself rejecting invitations to join some social networking site almost everyday. A friend pushed me into Orkut during the end of schooling. Year and a half later i volunteered into facebook, and few others(forgot the name) mostly trying to spend my Idle time exploring things. I always tried to limit the personal information i display to others because i assumed 'hacking' is inevitable.

             This inert feeling about web2.0 prevented me from making a decision on blogging. But then, blogging seemed a little different from the web2.0's chaotic world. I subscribed to blogs from my college senior, then his friends, some developers. It seemed like blogging is a better way of writing reviews, expressing thoughts, making tutorials.. 

              Atlast, this decision to start blogging came as an impulse just because today is a New Year's day.. Thanks for taking time to read through my experiences. Just hoping to blog on a more useful post next time... Oh yes, pls comment....

Happy New Year!!!