Monday, March 1, 2010

A Day at Infosys

Here i am, with an overdose of pleasant memories I acquired today. Today, I and my team participated in State Level Finals of "Aspirations 2020" conducted by Infosys at Infosys DC, Mahindra City. To begin with, we were to report at Infosys at 8:30AM but were late and so were panicking. Mr. Buhari welcomed us and directed us to finish the breakfast. The breakfast was really good, not to mention the hot coffee. After that, we went to Building-2 where the contest(whoa, that's the prime thing) was to take place.
The friedmann hall had some 60 systems and a black white board. Again, the hospitality was awesome(Mr.Buhari supplied water bottles to every participant). The three hours contest was challenging in terms of both time and complexity. I wish I memorized the backtracking algorithm.
After the contest, we went back to the third floor of B3 for Lunch. I and my fellows were late again(we spent more time admiring the lawn, building, lift, etc...) and the result the dining hall was full when we entered. So, we were forced to sit in the adjacent hall(conference hall) and eat the lunch alone. Did I mention, earlier we had the breakfast also with no company.
When we finished the lunch and came to the dining hall, it was empty. Whoa, late again. We hurried to B1 searching for the hubble(Video Conferencing  hall).  Slight humiliation when everyone were waiting for us. At the other end was Dr.Ramesh Babu, from Infosys, Pune. He briefed 'what', 'why' and 'what else' about the Aspirations contest.
After the Monologue concluded, we went back to friedmann, where the results were to be announced. DC head, Mr. Suresh raghuraman gave an inspiring talk on 1.Taking the Initiative, 2.Lateral thinking, 3.Articulating, 4. Leading a team, 5. Following.
The moment came, and results were announced after the usual job of mounting pressure. My team didn't get through to the finals, yet I felt like I'll never forget this day. We won the Sony IC Recorder. Soon after the results and prize distribution, we went to have Snacks & Coffee.
 Now that I have a Voice Recorder in my hand, I'm yet to figure out a way to *use* it. Any suggestions?